Starting your day with a healthy breakfast is essential for fuelling your mind and body for what lies ahead in a busy day. Going without breakfast can have an effect on energy and concentration levels. Feeling drained and lethargic is not a good way to begin a day of active learning.

A breakfast that will keep you feeling full and release energy slowly over the morning is ideal.  Food groups that contain slow release carbohydrates are great in a breakfast, as they release slowly and keep our blood sugars at an even level rather than lots of ups and downs.  Wholegrains fall into this group as do fruit, vegetables beans and pulses.

Foods that have been refined such as white bread, cake items, sweets, or sweetened cereal give you spikes in your blood sugars and are absorbed as quickly as pure glucose (sugar). So if you don’t want to yo yo and feel hungry quicker, steer away from these items.

Foods high in protein also make you feel fuller longer so egg, beans and a little bacon (no more than 70g per day of processed and or red meat for an adult) could also help at breakfast time.

So what is an ideal breakfast?

Well something along the lines of baked beans on wholemeal toast, scrambled egg on wholemeal toast, porridge oats made with semi skimmed milk, dried or fresh fruit. It is best to only eat dried fruit as part of a meal rather than a snack, as they stick to your teeth if eaten alone and can cause tooth decay.



Try some of these recipes for breakfast!