Pupils’ personal, social and emotional development is encouraged at Hamstreet Primary Academy by our supportive school ethos, where all are valued and encouraged, where positive relationships are seen as important and there is a safe and secure environment which is conductive to learning.

PSHE and Citizenship enables children to become healthier, more independent and more responsible members of society. We encourage our pupils to play a positive role in contributing to the life of the school and the wider community and in doing so we help develop their sense of self-worth. We teach them how society is organised and governed. We ensure that the children experience the process of democracy through participation in class management. We teach children both about their rights and their responsibilities. They learn to appreciate what it means to be a positive member of a diverse multicultural society.

We emphasise active learning by including the children in discussions, investigations and problem solving activities. Issues that have been raised within PSHE and Citizenship are also discussed within weekly Circle Time.

We encourage children to take part in a range of tasks that promote active citizenship, for example fundraising, the planning of special school events such as assemblies or school fetes, involvement in helping individuals or groups less fortunate them themselves.

We organise classes in such a way that pupils are able, through discussion, to set agreed classroom rules of behaviour, and resolve any conflicts. We have visiting speakers, such as health workers, police and fire, and local clergy, whom we invite into the school to talk about their role in creating a positive and supportive local community.