At Hamstreet Primary Academy we make music an enjoyable learning experience, encouraging children to participate in a variety of musical experiences. From the Foundation Stage through to year 6 we aim to build the confidence of all children in developing their skills, knowledge and understanding in performing, composing, listening and appraising. We develop pupils’ understanding of how music can take a variety of forms and that music can reflect other times and places and to develop pupils’ independence, self-esteem, motivation, and empathy with others and the ability to work with them.

Music is taught as an integral part of topic work. Experiences in one curriculum area can stimulate and enrich work in another. Subject divisions define and clarify but they can be restrictive when related to the organisation of learning. Consequently, curriculum planning for music is linked to other areas of the curriculum where appropriate but includes independent subject based progression of skills and experiences. Thus, in devising a scheme of work for music, natural links with other areas of the curriculum are exploited wherever possible and key skills and concepts are emphasised as appropriate. Children take part in a variety of Music lessons throughout the term and take part in a weekly singing assembly.

Every child has the opportunity each year to perform in a variety of musical performances. These include Christmas plays, Class assemblies, the Harvest festival, Assemblies, Year group Performances and ‘Proms on the Playground’- celebrating the end of the academic year. Children sing at local events and perform carols for the local community. Children have also recorded a Christmas Carols CD which was sold to parents to raise money for the school.

Children also have opportunities to work with Music professionals throughout their time at Hamstreet. These have previously included KIC drama, African drumming workshops, Steel drummers and local musicians.

In Years 5 and 6 children are offered the opportunity to study the Clarinet and have the opportunity to take one of these instruments home whilst receiving Clarinet lessons within school time.

A range of extra-curricular music activities are offered at Hamstreet including Choir, Music club, Recorder club and Clarinet club.