Children will engage in a range of Art activities, using a variety of medium ranging from drawing, painting and multi medium work to large and small sculpture and collage.

During the Foundation Stage children use an assortment of materials and mark making tools to engage in all areas of study. Within the Expressive Arts and Design elements of the Foundation Stage Curriculum children are taught to explore different media and they build a confident range of basic key skills.

As the children progress into Key Stage One, specific Art skills begin to be developed; becoming more refined. The development of these key skills continues throughout Key Stages One and Two in key aspects and skills of Art. This develops so pupils extend their skills, knowledge and understanding of processes, materials and the visual elements within their work. The study of the work of artists, craftspeople and designers from the locality, the past and present and a variety of cultures will be an integral part of practical art and design activities.

Art will make a strong contribution to the following cross-curricular themes and aspects:

  • Information and Communication Technology
  • Literacy and Numeracy
  • The Expressive Arts
  • History and Geography
  • Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Development.

Children have the opportunity to show case their Art work throughout the year including within our annual Art exhibition, class room displays and open evenings.

Hamstreet Primary Academy currently holds the Artsmark Award at Gold level. We are also part of the INSPIRE project, where children in every year group have been trained as young Art leaders.