History is an interpretation of the past. It is the chronicle, investigation and explanation of the past which develops an understanding of people, events and how the past has shaped the present.

At Hamstreet Primary Academy pupils are stimulated to develop critical awareness to better understand how the past was different from the present and that people of other times and places may have had different values and attitudes from ours.  The enjoyable and interesting topic themes and activities children explore how events have usually a multiplicity of causes and that historical explanation should be considered as provisional, debatable and sometimes controversial.

  •  To develop an understanding of time and the context of events in the past.
  •  To develop in pupils’ minds a map of the past, a knowledge of chronology within which they can organise their understanding of the past.
  •  To encourage an understanding of the processes of change and continuity.
  •  To develop an ability to produce an historical narrative and develop the skills of non-fictional writing.
  •  To understand how to use historical sources and frame questions about the past.
  •  To understand how the past is explained.
  •  To develop an ability to debate and make judgments about causes.
  • To develop an ability to understand that explanations of past events require an appreciation of the perspectives and motives of people in the past.
  • To develop independent enquiry and varied communication, employing a wide range of media.