The overall aim for Computing is to enrich learning for all children and ensure teachers develop confidence and competence to use technology effectively across the curriculum.  Computing is used as a resource to heighten accessibility of the curriculum, where we appreciate the need to learn skills but ensure the learning is creative.

At Hamstreet Primary Academy we recognise that Computing is an essential tool for teaching and learning, and the key for raising standards in numeracy and literacy and across the curriculum. Pupils use these tools to communicate and handle information and present it in a variety of ways. They learn to control a variety of electronic devices and develop an understanding of the use of control in everyday life. They use computer models to explore and test the answers to questions. Good tecnhnical knowledge equips all learners with the experiences and skills of Computing that they will use in a rapidly changing technological world.

We use a range of cloud based learning tools and resources that celebrates the achievements of the whole person, to reach their maximum potential, where children flourish  and are all actively engaged in an e-confident environment.  Empowering home-school and wider community involvement for all pupils to have equality of opportunity:

  • To use Computing with purpose and enjoyment.
  • To develop the necessary skills to exploit Computing.
  • To become autonomous users of Computing.
  • To evaluate the benefits of Computing and its impact on society.
  • To meet the requirement of the Foundation Stage Curriculum and the National Curriculum as fully as possible and to reach the highest possible standards of achievement.
  • To create the atmosphere and levels of resource to encourage all members of the school community to learn with Computing.
  • To be innovative in the use of resources and collaborative projects.
  • To have access to a wide range of the latest technology, including a class set of iPads.

How is technology changing the way we live and work?

We share the video below with the children when they enter the Upper Juniors to generate discussion about technology; its uses and the need for appropriate handling of it. 

Shift Happens