At Hamstreet Primary Academy we believe that the learning of Maths should be investigative, exciting and rigorous, underpinned with careful repetition of key skills. We take a whole-school approach to the subject, believing that everything that has gone before paves the way for your child’s next steps. The school uses a consistent methodology throughout the school, from the Foundation Stage to Year 6, to ensure that there is clear progression and easy transition from one year group to the next.

The children at Hamstreet learn Maths using a variety of approaches including Big Maths, a carefully designed maths programme that uses special vocabulary and characters to help them become confident mathematicians.  To give children the best chance of becoming confident mathematicians, they need repeated practice with basic number skills. They need to know these skills by heart and to be able to use them easily.

Big Maths is split in to four key areas:

  • Counting
  • Learn Its
  • It’s Nothing New
  • Calculations

Children are taught these concepts and use them consistently so that understanding grows over time and they are able to apply Maths successfully to real life examples.  

Each of the 4 operations is taught through what is known in Big Maths as a  ‘Progress Drive’. Each Progress Drive is broken down in to a number of steps, carefully sequenced to ensure children have a solid understanding before they move on. Click on the relevant operation to see the Progress Drive and the expectation for each year group. 

Whole school curriculum: Year1   Year 2   Year3   Year4   Year5   Year6

All staff at the school are trained to a high level in the programme and parents are also given training opportunities to help support their child at home. Through target setting and the use of success criteria in lessons, children are aware of their next steps and also have the chance to celebrate what they do well.

Pupils at Hamstreet are also given the opportunity to explore Maths in an investigative manner, exploring the relationships between numbers and enjoying solving problems in a range of contexts.

There are several videos on this site that support learning in Maths. These were produced by our partner schools for sharing across ACE Learning.