All areas of the Curriculum set out in the National Curriculum are provided at Hamstreet. Each subject is designed to develop the knowledge, understanding and skills of pupils in the course of their time at primary school.

Generally there is an integrated approach to learning across the curriculum. Subject policies and schemes of work have been agreed and are available for reference from the school office. 

It is our intention to make each area of the curriculum accessible to all pupils whatever their ability. We will carry out regular assessment in order to match work for all pupils and encourage them to attain their potential. Where possible, learning will be enhanced by trips or by visitors coming to the school. At times this may necessitate a voluntary contribution from parents being made.

A close working relationship with home will be sought to maximise every opportunity for the enjoyment of learning and for educational progress to be made.

Topic Theme Overview

 Time TravellersTelling TalesWhat a Wonderful WorldPast & PresentCreativeCan You Solve the Problem?
FoundationOurselvesStories & BooksThe World Around UsOld & New / Now & ThenI can be CreativeWho, What, Why, When, How
Year 1Changes Within Living MemoryTraditional TalesWeather Patterns - UK to EuropeanFamous PeopleLight & DarkHealthy Eating
Year 2Beyond Living Memory, local area historyJulia DonaldsonUnited Kingdom - Four CountriesSignificant Historical EventsSound - How it's madeInvestigation
Year 3Roman TimesRoald DahlVolcanoes & EarthquakesEarly CivilisationsLight, Reflection, Sun and ShadowsChallenge
Year 4Anglo Saxons & Scots to VikingsC.S. LewisRivers & The Water CycleBenin - A Contrasting SocietySound - How it travels and pitchCooking & Nutrition
Year 5Egyptians - Early CivilisationsMichael MorpurgoClimate Zones - Biomes & Global Time ZonesBritish History - Beyond 1066Forces - Changes of Everyday MaterialsEnterprise Topic - Supplier to a Cafe
Year 6Stone Age to Iron Age - Wolf BrotherMichelle PaverMajestic MountainsAncient GreeceLight - How Light Travels and creates shadowsEnterprise Topic - Cafe
FOCUSHistory ExperienceLiteracy - FictionScience & GeographyHistory & GeographyArt, Music & DanceScience, Maths, DT, Enterprise, Cooking & Nutrition