Recounts from two of the children who attended the trip…..

Anna :`I think it was really fun because we got to sleep in bunk-beds and most people don’t sleep in bunk-beds often.

Also the activities were really interesting, but they were quite scary!

Most people didn’t go on the ones with the harnesses! We also wrote a diary about each day so we could remember what we did on PGL!

Sadly we couldn’t have a bonfire because it was striking the ground with lightning and pouring with rain. So instead we had an utterly amazing disco. If you were brave enough, you could go on the stage! In our cabins we were very loud and couldn’t get to sleep! `

Finn: `I think PGL was great! I especially liked the food! First there were two lines to choose from it didn’t matter which one you chose from you still got the same things to eat. If you had allergies you took a black tray and if you didn’t you took a red one! Then you lined up and the people gave you the food. I loved all the activities but some people didn’t like the ones with the heights! All and all It was brilliant!

(except the loud cabins at night)!