Today I woke up at 5.15am and took a warm shower straight away. My backpack was very heavy after all the things my mum told me to pack. It was a cold morning when I got out the house to go to school. 

It was a very long journey in the bus and Ellis was making me laugh so much that I went to the toiet three times. After we arrived, we dropped our bags and I was Matthew and Noah. We hadn’t even sorted out our things when we were called in to have our dinner. The dinner was delicious and I even had some cake. After dinner, we played some games with Ryo. When we went outside for activities, we found a dark path through the woods.

We eventually got to bed and read our books before sleeping.


Buzz buzz, my alarm went off at 5.30am. I yanked Szimi’s lolling arm “Argh!!” she cried in utter disgust (Szimi had a sleepover at mine since she lives in Kennington as she has two younger brothers and very busy parents.)

At 6.30am we were at school and at 7 we were on the coach and it took about 7 hours. We stopped at Arras and had a look around the tunnels and learnt interesting facts and watched a mesmerizing movie about World War 1.

Then we got back on the coach and went to PGL. When we got there we had a tour, looked around our dorms and had dinner which consisted of sausage, chips and peas. Not a fabulous meal but after that we played games and went to bed, sleep!



Matthew P (Chilham)

Today we were feeling rather drowsy as we headed to breakfast. It was a lovely breakfast consisting of cereals, croissants and pain au chocolat. Then we headed down to get our bags ready for our trip in to Paris. During the journey in to Paris, we identified the River Seine and Ryo guided us past famous buildings. He also told us how to identify different cars by their number plates, e.g. the red plates are military associated cars and the green plates are diplomats.

Finally we arrived at the Eiffel Tower. When we saw the climb to the top, we saw a rickety staircase. On the second floor, it was very windy but the view was wonderful. From there we could see inside the city. Then we climbed down the rickety staircase down to the coach to head to the chapel where we would be eating lunch. Unfortunately on the way there it started raining heavily and there were also a few claps of lightning. Inside the chapel there were wonderful stained glass windows and it was all very quiet and relaxed. We went out to the garden to find some shelter to eat some lunch. When we finally found the shelter we realised that there was a market right by us so we went for a quick look around to see what it was like, ready for our trip to the market on Wednesday.

When we got back to the bus, we went out of the city back to the camp ready for free time and some dinner. Then we had a lesson on how to barter for cheap prices on things. 


We woke up feeling weak as we knew we had a big adventure ahead of us. We went in to a room where we had to make our baguette and put butter on it and add our selection of meats and salad. We also picked up a bottle of water, some crisps and a small biscuit. After that we went into the dinner hall and had our breakfast. We had to eat quite quickly as we had to leave to go to Paris.

In the bus, everyone was getting frantic as they were taking their seats. Everyone was singing to the radio even though Mr Pellett was still asleep! It took us 2 hours to get there but eventually we could see the tip of the Eiffel Tower! Everyone was excited and nervous at the same time and they were all raring to go. We were able to get up to the second floor but unfortunately we had to come back down again. Everyone loved the view and wished they could do it again. After that we got a tour of Paris and we went on to the bridge of locks. This is where if you fall in love, you put the lock on the chain and you throw away the key in to the river. My friends and me were trying to count the amount of locks but there were just too many!

It was the most amazing day and I had so much fun! 


Once again it began very early. We had a quick breakfast and we were off in no time. It took a little while,but it was rush hour (it is always like rush hour anyway). But before our main stop of the day (the Eiffel tower) we stopped to see the bridge of locks, a bridge covered in locks (and when I say that I mean absolutely plastered in lock. On our way to the Eiffel tower we had a small tour round Paris, giving us a quick look at the buildings. Then on we went to the Eiffel tower (Paris’ main attraction), though we only went half way up. Even there it was a pretty splendid view. As we had plenty of time we did some more touring (trust me it is not a touring holiday). After a little while we arrived at a huge citadel like church, we had to climb a large hill but after that we had to go separate ways, we went in a lift, they went up stairs. But eventually found our way to where we were having lunch and joined up again (it was pretty awful weather at the top but soon dried up, so we all walked round the citadel. Once again we had to go another way, but we struggled for ten minutes trying to find a way in. Later we looked round a small market to get an idea on what they look like, as we are going to visit a bigger one tommowow, then made our way to the coach and went off back(as it was rush hour it took quite a while). Once we had got back we had free time, and learned a bit of French for the market next day. To round of the day we had some exiting activities in the evening.



Today we went to the market and it was really fun because I got lots of things, for example my two Eiffel Tower key rings. In the afternoon, we went abseiling, rock climbing and more. Abseiling was really high when you got to the top and scary! 


Today was fun when we went to the Melun market. However, the haggling was really fun. I bought an Eiffel Tower that was advertised for 6 euros but I haggled it down to 3 euros. The afternoon was great because we did lots of outdoor activities. 


Today we went to the market. We bought lots of stuff. It was quite hard because I didn’t really know the language that much. When we got back, we did lots of activities. There was archery, rock climbing, abseiling and orienteering. My scariest part was when we had to abseil. My favourite part was when we did archery because we played a game. I had to shoot the arrow and we had to have a target and I went to Hawaii because I got in the blue zone. Now we are off to play Boules. 


Today I enjoyed going to the market. I bought lots of bling. When we got back I enjoyed abseiling and rock climbing. I reached the top and rang the bell. I am enjoying the game of Boules. So far I have enjoyed the Eiffel Tower the most because it was really high. 

Amelia J

Today we went to the market and we haggled if it was too expensive. In the food market we saw sheep brains, carrots and intestines! They were slimy and very large! So far I have enjoyed the Eiffel Tower because it had 942 steps.


During today we went to the market. We bought many things such as hats and other souvenirs. One of the best things about the market was bartering the shop keeper down to the lowest price. After the market we went to PGL and did some activities that were there. The best was probably rock climbing because I got to the top and it was really enjoyable. The highlight of the trip for me is the Eiffel Tower because I like heights.


We went to the market to buy souvenirs. I bought a lot for 7 euros, such as a little teddy bear, hair bands and 2 Eiffel Tower key rings. We came back and did activities. My favourite thing was archery, I got the red thing. The Eiffel Tower was great- I love heights!


We started with our breakfast. I had coco pops and french bread and butter. Then we got our money for the market- 10 euros. Then we got on the coach and I sat next to Alicia. Ryo played some music for us but before this he told us what to do when we got in the market. The best things about it was my new hat. My best bit so far is rock climbing because I got to ring the bell.


Today we played Boules. There’s this little ball and Ryo through it somewhere. Then we got in to a line and 1 person rolled a silver ball then you roll it to try and hit the jack in the middle. I enjoyed it as we were winning. I liked the bridge of locks as they were fascinating.


I’m really excited about going to Parc Asterix and the chocolate factory. I’m sure it’s going to be delish. I loved the Eiffel Tower even though my legs killed when I got to the top. I really enjoyed bartering today at the market. I liked the outdoor activities especially the abseiling. The worst bit so far has been the weather as it has been cold and wet!

Oscar C

At the market I did quite well as I got a glass ornament for 2 euros 50 that was originally 7 euros 50. This afternoon I found the abseiling really easy and the rock climbing slightly more challenging but I still made it to the top. Overall, I have found France very adventurous. 


I know, I know, do I really have to say it again! I will anyway, as normal we started early in the morning. There we go, I said it, the worst sentence ever. After having some talk yesterday on what you should say at the melon market stalls, we set off rather rapidly off to the market. At first I was not the most confident of us, but I soon caught up and managed to go up to the stalls in a rather confident mannor. If there is such thing as the god of luck she obviously is not doing her duty, and if you are out there somewhere, trust me on this I will get you back hard. Roughly translated In English, I didn’t get anything because they were obviously used to being nagged at and were not silly so I got nothing. Luckily just as we were finishing up, with the help of BROWN BEAR, ( as we nick named him) we managed to take two euros off from four euros.that is for a small silver Ethel tower. We also had a good look round the in door food market( in the middle ) and saw some just slightly odd things, and mr McGuire certainly did Not seem keen. We then went straight back for lunch, and after found we were doing archery, abseiling (enjoyable),climbing (I did mine on a rope, supported, and with help pulled myself up) along with orienteering, good fun. Later we did a game after dinner that was basically hide and seek, but slightly different rules applied,and I found this thoroughly enjoyable and exiting, but it was also pretty tricky trying to stop them from finding you, trust me it as not easy, or you find then. Though I did not have the most comfortable evening, as it was a very cold and evening and not at all warm, and I did get what you call a bit on the unpleasantly chilly side of life!

Boules Team Scores….

#YOLO- 1

We’re not quite sure- 1

#girlpower- 1

Randoms- 2

don’t know it yet- 2

#inmymum’scar- 2



This morning we made our lunch and then we went to have some breakfast. After that we got ready to get on the coach. We got to Parc Asterix and queued for tickets to get through the gates. Osiris was my favourite ride. I was excited and happy throughout the day.


Don’t worry I’ve abandoned what I usually say. Look, I’m going to smarten up, but say something average. We had a quick breakfast and were off in no time. The traffic was terrible so as you would expect it took a pretty long while, then later, when we arrived there was great excitement amongst all. Disappointingly though we had to wait, watching everyone else walk straight in as mr Pellet had to buy the tickets. Anyway, moving on from this terribly boring talk. He handed them out to us and we were soon in. We wandered down past some shops, then off to where all the pleasingly cool rides were(mostly roller coasters). The first one we went to, that mr pellet wanted to go to and just a few other children was closed. As it was so scary looking I did not understand why anyone wanted to go on it in the first time. We then walked over to a swinging boat that went impressively high, but only half the class went on (not including me). So instead the other half went over to a vibrating chair that smoke came from on either side. But of course didn’t stay there long and decided to go on to a ride with boats that were in water, but it was only four metre by four metres wide . Also it was only half a foot deep, but because I did not feel like going on it I watched. We then all joined up again and walked through the slightly haunted house, well that is what I though anyway and out the other side then into a little creepier version, then came out into a space  in the middle of the park and we watched half the class go on a very high and speedy chair o plane. After I was asked if I wanted to go on the L’Oxgenarium (in French) as everyone else was going to go on, but I said no because I could not see what it looked like. As well I needed the loo.  On the way back we walked in the opposite direction, as we expected them to be another place, we found our self on the other side of the park. But because dads walkie talkie stopped working in the toilet we could not find them, we tried ringing but it was engaged. But then the walkie talkie started to work and found out they were still there. So we walked all the way back to find they had gone on the ride and were now eating lunch (at half eleven!) maybe as they had already experienced some thrill. So of course I was not hungry and only ate half of my baguette ! after our lunch we went through into the Egyptian section, mr pellet of course wanted to go on a ride just as big and scary as the one that was closed at the beginning. But most of the class decided not to even approach the big one, so instead, this was partly my idea, we went over to the Ozlris. A speedy ride with out any loop or huge drops but it still had a thrill to it and went up down and round tightly at speed. So not for the faint hearted I guess, but it’s not a giant big terrifying ride. After that(and yes I regretted ever volunteering), and mr pellets group have to wait another hour before getting on, I walk up (with everyone else) to the SOS  numerobis, and trust me this is not one to go on after food because of it’s extreme G force, that is by my standards! It was armed with super speed and hammerhead corners and generally is terrifying, so fast I hurt my back in fact. It did not help that you were not actually on rails, but were instead just going freely around a round sided slid and had absolutely no breaks apart from when we were stopping. Not long after I had got off with the others, although not everyone came on that was with us, the other small group finally got back with a shaken right up looking mr m Guire. Soon after they had appeared back, there was a good lot of children wanting to go on the one I had just ventured on to, some wanting a second go. I could not resist it I went  back on, though not with them as I got on first, being In a power chair. But the way in for power chairs was slightly different as you had to go in though the exit on every ride. Then come back out of the exit (again!). The other group  joined our other half again and they decided as they saw the one we had just been on they all wanted a go. At first I thought I needed a break but as part of our group wanted a second go (that’s the ones who went on last time),and the others who had got back, I decided yes. As I could go through the disabled way I got to skip the line and did not have to wait half an hour. This time though my head got pushed forward and I struggled to get it up so briefly got a pang of pain in my back and ached for most of the day. when I got off they were still waiting so therefore had to wait, we only had to wait fifteen minutes though. But mr pellet came up ten mins later for some reason. After they all wanted to go on a boat that went down a very steep slop on water. Apart from a view who didn’t want to. The first time they went round I did not go on either because it may of got my back. When the came back everyone as desperate for another ride and with some persuading I got on. it was a very calm and gentle for most of it, because it slowly bobbed round a long course, but at the beginning it went up a steep hill. But there was a cool but steep drop, with a bump in the middle, then splashed down into the water 7 metres down. Luckily it was a soft bump at the bottom and did not bother me. After we got water proofed up most of us went off to go on the log flum witch went though some lumpy rapids, sped down a  drop with a splash(we got wet)then at the end whizzed down a fast long drop down. We dived into the water at warp speed but did not get to wet. Earlier I forgot to mention we went on a plenty fast ride with tight corners and lots of small and whizzy ups and downs, a neepy small ride with a bit of thrill. To back things up. Then with not long left we checked out the roman section, and straight away we came across a pretty cool looking ride called the roman rapids. Once again we water proofed up and got on a floating round ring on water with seats facing in would. We took a bit of battering. As we were going down the strong rapids we were whacked a good few times against the side, and were hit on the side of the rollers a good few times. Incase your wandering, these rollers speed up the water, not always what you want. Oh and my trousers got soaked because I did not put them on as it did not look like you would get wet. Well actually my top got a little damp even wearing a coat. The rapids were very strong and really got you soaked . Just looking at all the wight water made me nervous, the way you were throne about by the shear velocity of the waves was intense. After with not long left we found a wooden roller coaster a good few children and (once again) mr pellet were wanting to go on. I did not volunteer as I was not the needed hight and for a start it looked terrifyingly fast with huge drop downs followed by extreme bens all at high speed. You guest it, not my kind of thing. Also the last ride, and I could not go on another ride instead so would have had to watch With half the class, yes, I admit, your guess was correct, not in any any way interesting. To my relief the wait was far to long and we didn’t have the amount of time they needed. There was a roller coaster we had walked under on the way so we took a stroll back to that one which is called the Le Vol d’lcare, we were asked if we wanted to go on it and every one except 8 people who watched being in a power chair as I explained earlier you barely have to wait, so while they had to wait we got on. It began very suddenly and whizzed out onto the track. It charged round tilting hammerheads at huge speed, ducked down the flew back up again at warp speed, shoving the back of it round very tight corners nice and neatly. It was brilliant fun speedy round like a speed boat. Bu hid a nasty suprise in the last hundred metres. With no warning it slammed on the breaks two times, the first time I was flung into the bar in front of me. I was hit right in the chest. It was fine it just really stuck a load of pain into my stern! I nearly cried but did not. Luckily the second time dad was holding me. Then gently pulled up at the end. It was  fine after just quite saw. When the others went on it was find because we reported it to mr pellet who warned them. After we headed back to the shops at the beginning. It took about ten minutes, so we were there in no time at all. We had a choice of three shops. I went in the very first one the Egyptian one. I found some interesting things with Egyptian writing on the side. But I eventually decided to buy a small Egyptian pyramid with Egyptian writing on all sides mac out of metal, it was not a bad price, at about 7 euros and 90 sence. I checked in the other two shops butt found nothing very interesting. So waited with the teachers for everyone to come back out. We all had a short walk to the coach. It took a good while to reach home as it was rush hour. We had some time to our selves  then went in for dinner. Later in the evening , after dinner, we walked up in to the woods to a camp fire that had been lit by our guide and sat round Sunday some camp fire songs and some of our own then were aloud to cook marsh mellows on a stick you had found and held it over the fire. The ones who behaved perfectly were aloud another secretly, and that includes me. Back where we were staying we had half an hour for our diaries then had to go to bed ready for an early start next day.

Some other thoughts from the day….

NameFavourite moment of the dayLeast favourite/ scariest moment of the dayFavourite part(s) of the trip so far...
Eloise AParc Asterix, it was awesome.The last ride- Le Vole d’leareEiffel Tower, looking at the view from platform 2
Ewan Osiris, I was very excited.People dressed up as Halloween characters.Going up the Eiffel Tower because I’ve never been up there before.
EllenaPetrified but enjoyed the Romus et Rapidmus. Amused on the ride, felt happy that I went on it.Scared of some of the rides. I have enjoyed the orienteering so far the most!
AlexGoing on Osiris because I sat with my friends.Nothing- I loved it all.Parc Asterix!
JohnOsiris because it was my first time doing a loop the loop.Grande splash because it wasn’t scary enough.The whole trip has been exhilarating!
HarryGoing on La trace du Horra at Parc Asterix.The journey was long but I was excited.It’s been a very good experience so far and I’ve loved doing the PGL activities.
Matthew P (Sissinghirst)Osiris because it’s really fast.L'Oxgenarium- a water ride.Parc Asterix because there were lots of exciting rides and I had had a look on the website before.
RocketL'Oxgenarium because of the line enclosed space boats.The coach journey because of the bumps and the traffic.Abseiling because I thought I couldn’t do it.
KatieMassive Egyptian ride- it was scary and exciting at the same time! I was going up and down at the same time. We were going up and down, jolting all the way.The coach ride back, all the excitement was gone.Parc Asterix because it was a fun time in a short amount of time! I did loads of rides, it was really fun.


NameFavourite part of dayLeast favouriteOverall view(s) so far....
JodieI enjoyed trying the cocoa beans and watching steps as they turned it in to runny chocolate.The cocoa bean had a sharp taste.It was a lifetime experience and I really enjoyed it. I enjoyed staying with my friends in the dorm.
SusannaI really liked the chocolate factory because they told us how they made all of the little figures. He let us try some!Didn’t get to try milk chocolate.I thought it was amazing because we did a variety of activities.
BronwynTasting the chocolate was a great opportunity.Mr Pellett woke me up.Osiris in Parc Asterix was really enjoyable!
NoahI liked it when we saw how the moulds were made in the chocolate factory.My least favourite part of the day was trying the cocoa beans- they were too bitter for me!Parc Asterix- the wooden ride with no tracks was great!
RachelSeeing the chocolateNot being able to eat the chocolate because of my nut allergy.Seeing the Eiffel Tower!
NathanThe chocolate factory and seeing all the chocolate.Going home :(Well worth it- really exciting.
EllisToday I really enjoyed the chocolate factory because there’s chocolate in it!Packing up :(Parc Asterix!
Eloise SChocolate factory- because you get to eat chocolate!Bus journey- it's boring!Eiffel tower because we got to climb up and see the view!
DanielleChocolate factory because I liked to see how they made the chocolates.I didn’t like testing the cocoa beans.Parc Asterix because I liked going on the rides.
Amelia MChoclate factory because I got to try the chocolate!Nothing- I liked everything! Parc Asterix because I tried all the rides!

Pictures from the chocolate factory and the awards ceremony!

Classic lines from children…(and staff!!!)

  • Are we in Essex?? (we had just reached the Channel Tunnel crossing….)
  • It’s raining in Frances.
  • Mr McGuire, why do camera flashes hurt when you put your hand on them?
  • Are we in Egypt? There’s a pyramid! (there was a pyramid looking building…..)
  • It’s a grenade disposal van, that’s what it says on the back in French. 
  • Ryo (tour guide) Who knows what a morgue is? Response: A bunch of shops?
  • I need a drink, I’m so hydrated!
  • I’m doing orientating!
  • The bag is in my doom. (meant dorm!)
  • Halal is animal friendly meat.

A note from the staff….


We have really enjoyed our time away at PGL (People Going Loopy). It’s been so relaxing on our all inclusive holiday, with amazing delicacies, wine and cheese.

Then, the animals woke up. Out they came, two by two, hurrah, hurrah! Like herding cats, we gathered the children ready for the week ahead.

From lost lunches, to bursting bladders, the children (somehow) made it through each day. To see the children thrive in this environment easily put a smile on our sleep deprived, drawn out faces. It really does make all the planning (BIG thanks to Mrs Tadiwala) and hard work worth it. Our newly found OCD for counting to 36 every 2.7 seconds and improved sense of hearing past lights out, are skills we will be putting to the test in next term.

Memories were made, and hopefully lives were changed in some way for the better.

Enjoy the half term, we know we will!

Over and out,

Blue Magoo, White Hawk, Ginger Nut and Brown Bear.